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About Me Hello world! My name is Craig and I am a freelance web and graphic designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been designing and developing websites and web applications since the turn of the century and am a big fan of making things that are beautiful, usable, and have a good sense of humour. I have worked with clients from all over the world and I love being creative and helping other people have a good time on the Internet. In my spare time I like to draw, read, and drink cappuccinos. I am also a passionate fan of the website Typophile (and haven't been able to stop reading about it since I found it in 2004).A jury in Britain's Court of Appeal on Friday unanimously found Uber guilty of employing Uber drivers who lacked proper work permits and was also fined by the court £18,000 (US$24,030). In what the company's parent company Uber called a "landmark victory" in the fight to liberalize the taxi industry, the court said that Uber's conduct was "reprehensible," Reuters reported. The appeal court found that Uber violated employment law by failing to verify the identities of its drivers, the report said. The decision was unanimous and left the two sides blaming each other for the outcome. "This is a landmark victory for the men and women who drive with Uber in the UK," said Pippa Roberts, a director at Uber Eats in a statement. "We now hope that this case will create a new understanding about their right to drive on our platform and that it will be clear to everyone that the law is not on the side of the taxi cartels." In addition to the fine, Uber must now do various reforms in the way it conducts background checks, including getting fingerprint records from drivers, the report said. Uber has had repeated run-ins with authorities in the UK since it launched in London in June of last year, with authorities telling the company that it did not have the proper permit to conduct business in the country. The ridesharing service has become one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies by revenue in the world, with its gross bookings of $17 billion last year. Despite the fact that Uber is sometimes looked down upon as a disrupter to the taxi industry, there are still strong forces fighting against it in the UK. "This landmark decision shows that we can't afford to be complacent in




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Crow Zero 1 Full Movie Eng Sub Download 40 (Latest)

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